Wristlet: Frump Free Fashion over Forty

Blushing with a new found fervor for rose gold this Summer fashion accessory is all about streamlining with a wrist flattering purse.  Disclaimer:  We don’t clutch after forty, but there is a zip or a kiss lock that will seal our most valuable possessions.

A wristlet can be draped upon the dominant hand or the hand that would hold a glass. I have decided to cuff the other hand.  The Morganite stone is the perfect color to accent this rose gold.  These pieces are from the Lauren Conrad Collection from Kohl’s.  This is particularly important when you travel, ladies over forty lock up the diamonds when on Holiday and bring white sapphires for adventures.  Eliminate the risk and panic of misplacing your wedding ring.  I eliminate the stress and modestly accessories and then pack in the flat jewelry travel case pictured below. I plan to travel with this rose gold collection, so I sought out a flat jewelry folio for the day trip rather than a rolling bag.  I have luggage tags on the inside and outside of the bag.

Assembling a pull along, I  have chosen the London Fog underseat for the price and value.    Some sunglasses and a rose gold pashmina shawl to match it all.  I am blushing this summer.



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