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Cara fully prepared: 4th of July Step Stool

In essence this is a book review for: House that cleans itself by Mindy Starns Clark and how I am “CONVERT” into a new system of household management.

Cleaning Stools 011

As a result of this book, I am approving of duplicates unlike other methods of cleaning.     After reading The House that Cleans Itself,  I took a  “step” to managing my time more efficiently.  One of the many outcomes of this thought provoking book is the concept of a cleaning kit.  I have chosen two Stack On step stool with an interior compartment and tray. Found these step stools at Menards in the Tool box section. This will provide a new perspective and “4th of July” Ariel view of my sight lines as Ms. Starns Clark suggests.

Then I pack the stool with multisurface wipes, lint rollers and magic erasers for quick access I have placed them in zones for quick access and use.

Tomato Timer 002

U-Relish Farm is dedicated to maximizing time and resources with the use of the slow cooker.  I found this book to be inspiring the essence is timing out rooms by priority and keeping your expectations managed by the timer.  This tomato timer is something that I had and now is even more useful for 15 increments of focused time leading to a more disciplined approach to housekeeping.

Bucket Method

The suggestion is to keep a basket, in each area to collect the clutter of life so that it can be put into it’s rightful place.  I had my doubts, but after a week in this system I have reclaimed a closet, defined a more functional laundry system and have an upright method to clean the wood flooring.  The golden nugget book of this was a rechargeable  dust pan which is superior to the cob brown and dust pan cutting cleaning time by half.

I appreciated that this book thoughtfully used a prayer fill approach to an everyday task.  My gratitude to the brave men and women who have served and those who are serving.  Hoping you find independence as well as a little more time for those that you love.







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