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Cara fully prepared: The Cleanse Martial Arts style

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Put on the crockpot with a simple supper in the morning and there is more time to clean the house, train you body and spa at home with this simple Flipper organization tool as suggested in Sandra Felton’s book “How not to be a Messie”

A Flipper is a spiral bound recipe card hold like this pictured on the left, it stands on it’s own and with a random flip you select a 5 minute to 20 minute project to clean your house and reward yourself at the same time.  Because it was only a paragraph detailing the list I have expanded on the idea using tools from Kate Payne, Skye Alexander and Mindy Starns Clark as well as include my martial arts training into house keeping.



Bathroom Blessing

Reward: Aromatherapy

Time limit: 20 minutes

Training focus: Hakka

Cleaning items close


Copper Kitchen

Reward: Sewing Supply

Time Limit: 20 minutes

Training focus: Shoulder presses and push ups

Cleaning items close

Priority Pantry


High Impact Project

Reward: Hand Treatment

Time limite: 5 minutes

Training focus:   Dr. Sang Kim Flexibility Training


Refill and Restock


 Loads of Fun: Laundry

Reward: Roll of Quarters

Training focus: Hanging Kicking Bag

Time Limit: 10 minutes

8 items to Iron

Refill and Restock


Address a Drawer

Reward: Meditation and Eye Treatment

Training focus: Abductor

Time Limit: 8 minutes

Repair or Release or Replace


Clean a Cabinet

Reward:  Meditation and Lip Treatment

Time Limit: 8 minutes

Training focus: Low Block Arm Weights

Clean an appliance

Repair or Release or Replace


Bucket Management

Reward: Facial mask

Training Focus: #8formsadaytokeepthemasteratbay

Time Limit: 15 minutes

Release 8 items


Clear a Counter

Reward: Exfoliation

Time Limit: 8 minutes

Training Focus: Self Defense

Manage your sight lines

Label and Inventory

Reward:   Stationary

Time Limit: 2 minutes

Training focus: Kung Fu Form


As a final part of the process, I note any new System Change and any future projects that could use deep cleaning or organization.


Record Any Future Projects


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