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12 marbles in a month

144 marbles in a year representing the amount of projects an individual can tackle within the rotation of our earth, how are you using your time? When setting 4 quarter goals with 36 symbolic marbles

To my beloved 5 marbles a month (15)

I choose to say yes to my life partner to build on my relationship of 23 years.  During a conversation at the Market, it was clear to me that focusing on beloved is my top priority. A clean and quiet environment work best for our quality time.

U-Relish Farm 4 marbles a month (12)

Slow Drip Irrigation 004

Martial Arts 1 marble a month (3)


Keeper of the Hearth 1 marble a month (3)

Cleaning Stools 011


Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen 1 marble a month (3)

It adds up quick … now that the priorities are set it is time for some actions steps.

What did I give up to make time the fourth quarter goal setting stronger:

Season home staging got scratched from the priorities

Wreath making got shelved

Preparing will take a back seat during this quarter

Home baking will be outsourced again this year



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