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Hurricane Proportion: Carafully prepared Pink Lady Apple Crisp

I look to permaculture to keep busy while we await the news of Hurricane Irma. There is tree full of Golden Delicious Apples.  Pink Lady Spiral cut slices at U-Relish Farm on an old fashion peel away lent to me by Chef Cindy Hawkins of Circle City Sweets.  Mix with a golden delicious applesauce, and topped with oats and brown sugar slow cooked in a crockpot was my “keep busy” project while I pray for Florida.

The Three Bean chili from U-Relish Farm was started first thing in the morning so that I could take a inventory of the cellar before I began canning the Pink Lady Crisp.  Purging some pickled banana peppers from 2014 was the biggest disappointment during inventory.    I have used all but 5 pints apples from 2015, the golden delicious was not fruitful in 2016.

Early Apple 001.JPG

In total, I have processed 3 bushels of apples for about 25 hours at the U-Relish Farm Commissary at Indianapolis City Market

I wash the apples in vinegar and then towel them dry.  After hand peeling I cored and spiral sliced using the peel away before putting them into the crockpot to slow cook for 2 hours with tapioca, turbinado (Raw sugar), cinnamon and nutmeg.  The Golden Delicious Applesauce has lemon juice for color and no sugar.








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