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Carafully Frugal: A Reticular Activating System

So, I want a sewing center near the laundry to hem the pants and sleeves of life. “Carafully” pricing a rolling ironing board and a folding table for the sewing machine.   The price tag for instant gratification $186 dollar shipped to my door the next day, but that wouldn’t be frugal.

I begin by claiming a space near the laundry and then visualize a new sewing space. Clearing a new space for a new purpose physically help with this effort.   I followed that visualization with a deadline, by thanksgiving I wanted to be grateful for the outcome.

Laundrey Name and Claim 002

Then, I pray….  for the solution and the creativity to find a no cost answer that is frugal and thoughtful for household.  Each laundry load that cycles, I will be one step closer to a sorting out this life problem.

To the shed, where the perfectly good things that just didn’t work out and have been stored away for a day like today.  I own a camping folding table that has ample room for my sewing chair, so I used that.   The hanging system to the left works well for repair and mend projects that have to be done.  To stabilize the camping table I found a piece of thin wood in the shed to cover the seam. The picket fence bucket holds keeps my sizzers close at hand.

Sewing Center 001

Ironing boards are big and static, my aim was to find a solution that had mobility and was half the size.  Tuning out the noise and focusing on a what I already had with mobility led me to the three bin hamper filled with “you got a big mess” floor towels.   The kind of towels that you no longer use in the bathroom but keep because you might need them.  What a quick way to make a system change that is frugal is use what you have in a new or modified way.

Hamper 001

I tossed the towels and began to look for a piece of plywood to cover with foam and fabric.  A DIY head board from my last home gave me foam to repurpose and I will be tacking down an unused shower curtain with a staple gun to make an ironing surface.  I added the tailors ham and a travel iron to make frugal mobile ironing board.

DYI rolling Ironing Board 001

Here is how it turned out…


It all resolve in one afternoon, about 6 hours and I did not realize wasn’t the noise of life was quiet your RAS solves problems with little expense.

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