Frugal Frump Free Fashion over Forty: Loafers

The seasonal shift has moved the ladies over forty from the whites of summer sandals to the closed toe shoe and open heel season.  The Loafer: a shoe designed for a Sunday afternoon drive in the passenger seat; playing witness to the fall foliage display of back road journeys.   Disclaimer:  For those under forty,  a loafer is a flat heeled shoe not an  afternoon in the park watching the clouds move through the sky.

Loafers 002.JPG

No longer do I rush to winter boots, because each shoe has its time and place.  Early fall is the time for a slide in and slip on shoe like the “no heel” loafer.  Closed toed shoes allow you to toggle and rest your toenails from the perfectly polished and pedicure flip flops of summer.

My frugal budget of thirty dollars got me two pairs of loafers and nods at the Rose Gold summer allowing me to shift quickly between a hot fall day and cooler days of early fall.

The new shoes are the only purchase, I made instead I circulate the aprons and staged my closet focusing on the fall color Grenadine.


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