Cara Fully Prepared for a Fever

Responding to rest … a fever reminds us how fragile we are.  It try not to treat the fever but the congestion that follows.  I respond best with carbonated water and fruit vinegar.

Fever 005

The cantaloupe was the only food we have consumed.   Using the Thieves only for the first time  thanks to my friend Tara.


Cara fully prepared: A Taekwondo Easter

During the Lenten Season, I am are in training and ready to test this week for my purple belt.  The physical discipline required demands the mental attention of my mind and has woven its way into my celebration of Easter.


There is less candy and more flowers this holiday.  More candles then cake, because I hunger for proteins and complex carbohydrates.  During the feast there will be  The U-Relish Farm supper in a sack called Good Friday

available at  and the Indianapolis City Market.

Good Friday and Pot Pie 002

Most of my beverages have a spoonful of honey and vinegar is being used to rehydrate.  I prefer a Tisane or Herbal Infusion.




First Day of Spring: Frump Free Frugal Fashion for over Forty

“Shifting”  into color and dripping with layers and textures, I hop into spring and start my spring fling with yellow.   My skin is pale with winter’s kiss and these bold colors distract from my natural winter white.  Disclaimer: If you are under forty, you might be on spring break and find this fashion blog quite unnecessary. If you are over forty your understand the modest neckline and a statement necklace to attract focus from the double chin.  This blog will focus on strategies to flatter neck.

Easter Outfit 001

The simple shift dress is layered with an asymmetrical cardigan I added for $7.00 and will flatter and flow during those afternoon Sunday walks in the sunken gardens.  The chunky necklace was a piece I acquired from Noras’s Vintage (City Market) last fall (2016) and fits as a statement piece for this spring look.

This short jacket with a neutral navy dress fit into my spring theme, tied with a striped scarf it will transition from cool mornings to sunny afternoons.

Dress Spring 001

I went to city market today with the intention of multiple strains to upgrade my spring look and this is what I found.  I spent $52 dollars, shopped my closet for  dresses and cardigans in my closet for a frugal update to spring

Pi Day: Celebrating Cara Fully

That apple pie that we will feast upon came from the front yard, canned in the fall of 2015.  “Cara fully” sliced and cooked in the crockpot with tapioca, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  Eating this reminds me that we didn’t have apples last year and the reserves are thin.

Pie Day 002Pie Day 003

Nothing fancy just a lattice crust for this cold and blustery day.  Hip Hip Hooray it is Pi Day.


Cara Fully prepared: Between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.

There is a frost alert and potential freeze coming to our #tinyurbanfarm.  This requires more time away from City Market so I can grow food for you.


We are also in phase two of the #SowSeedSunday Hydroponic growing cycle and that means from water to soil peat pots and more space before we begin real work of transferring to outside and the hardening process.  These are tender plants and need to be transfer so choose your containers “Cara fully”.


Growing 002

I choose a folding container with handles this year.  The plants are the edible Sweet Pea Tomatoes that are ideal for hanging baskets.

Phase 2 Hydroponics 002

I use the two aerogarden units and have over propagated and now am above goal at 108 new plants with the direct sow beginning on Saint Patrick’s Day, Friday March 17th.



Cara fully prepared: Frugal Gardening

With little toil in the soil… permaculture farming is a frugal alternative to annuals.  Plants like lavender, savory, thyme and sage are used throughout the year.


Start with a plan and select your seeds…

Direct sow starts in Zone (Central Indiana)  on Saint Patrick’s Day for the With a little luck Children’s Scavenger Hunt on Friday, March 17th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Historic Indianapolis City Market.



Growing with Yelp Indy

A woman’s harvest in life depends entirely upon what he sows.  In celebration of International Women’s Day… I honor the boss Ladies in my life.  The women of my tribe, the keepers of the hearth and in particular those who sow seeds of victory gardens.

Phase 2 Hydroponics 002

Moving to phase two in the #SowSeedSunday project…  Our full plan is available.  Grow with us… visit us at City Market, and review us on Yelp.

How will your garden grow?