The Lost and Find of Frugal

Often it is not what we spend to be Frugal but how we can save.  A lost tote, backpack or phone can often cost us more than we would save with coupons, clearance sales and our at home spa services.  A no cost method is to add  “reward if found” phone number to your phone.  Or add a luggage tag on enable a good Samaritan to contact you with the lost item.  Eliminating the search through your purse to find some contact information.




No waist band edition: Frump Free Fashion over forty

Skip the pajama pants ladies, they just do not look cute after forty years old.  If you don’t own pajama pants then you will not wear them to the grocery store.

The sweater dress is a no waist band solution, paired with legging and boots the interesting neck lines with a layered look are perfect for the last 6 weeks of winter. These dresses are for home or the occasional errand.    A dress offers me coverage and flexibility to complete my tasks of managing my home.

For a modest budget of $30.00 this cuddly assemble will take me through to the end of winter.  All the fashion at home without the frump.

Bringing in Business 018

A Women’s Bazaar at Indianapolis City Market


Women’s Bazaar

 Saturday, February 25th 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Silent Winner Auction Announced at 3:30 p.m.

A press “Green Room” chat with Melissa Miller will be held at 11:30 a.m. with a lunch and learn provided by U-Relish Farm Cara Dafforn. Women’s Bazaar to bring infertility education and awareness while celebrating Melissa A. Miller for whom the silent auction proceeds will benefit. “My infertility Story” is available at


Women owned business contributing to the bazaar

Chloe & Isabel, LipSense, LuLaRoe Clothing, Keller Williams Realty, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon, Limelight, Esthetics & Wellness, Indy Air Tan, IT Works, Norwex, Pampered Chef, Premier Jewelry, Scentsy, Tru Vision, Younique,


  • U-Relish Farm
  • Three Carrots
  • The Tamale Place
  • Say Cheese
  • Just Cookies
  • Mile Square Coffee Roastery
  • Mauricio’s
  • Mambo’s
  • Amazing Potato Chips
  • 3 Days in Paris


U-Relish Farm • Main Market House • 222 East Market Street, Indianapolis, IN •46204 • @CaraDafforn • 317-366-3039

Another Project of Eel River Marketing


Cara fully prepare: Snow Day

You must have a list….  Things you get from the store when you might be snowed inside.  The necessities and the luxuries to make the experience tolerable or one of those special quality moments more memorable.  Here are my must have items:

  1.  Slow cooked meals: Dry Goods from U-Relish Farmpinto-gumbo-farmers-market-0062.Citrus: the Cara Cara Orange is in seasonSnowDay 004.JPG3.  Melons make it better

snowday-0064.Honeybush Tea from Frontier Foods snowday-003


Mid Winter: Frump Free Fashion over Forty

In my attempt to find designers who make pockets for women’s apparel.  Ladies over forty, I give you the one pocket sheath dress by “Hope and Honey”.  Disclaimer:  If you are not over forty then the value of a pocket might not be so apparent to you.  A lady would have a kerchief for the tears of joy during an upcoming spring day.

Inspired by the germination season, I bring out of the closet  the lime green mid calf boots and buy a new $4.00 yellow umbrella.  We are only mid winter in Indiana and we will still have many day to wear scarves and sweaters.

Determined to find the new pantone color in the mix of a drab gray world.  Neutral navy replaced with royal blue for a contrast with the lime green of a hopeful early spring.  A pant with a side button becomes slimming for those over forty.




Cara fully prepared: let’s get pickled

For use in an extreme emergency situations… like a the big game in the parking lot.


This multi purpose mini bar has six stair stepping boxes and is the black box on the right made by Caboodles.  I was cautious with measurements to fit the “airline” size bottles for travel and convenience at a tailgate or glamping overnight.

Moving away from tool boxes to the soft faux leather of a cosmetic box was liberating and more elegant then heavy plastic.  I was also thrill to find that this model had two keys for a locking system.  After packing this prototype you can fit thirty plastic bottles into these tiered sections.


Below there is plenty of room for a bottle of cherries, onions or preserved lemons, straws, dehydrated lime and two types of infused salts.








The Wash and Dry of Frugal

Looking for keepers of the hearth that are seeking “sole” mates for frugal habits around the Laundry Room.  Individual who would rather not have the laundry “pinned” on, but seeking cost saving ways one load at a time.  Here are some tips

Tip 1:  Have a place for lost socks

Tip 2:  Drip Dry your delicates

Tip 3:  Keep the change or give yourself a roll of quarter for your savings as a reward.

Tip 4:  Cut the dryer sheet in half

Tip 5:  Make your own laundry detergent

Tip 6:  Use white vinegar for towels and exercise clothing

Tip 7:  Wash a load a day to keep the chaos away