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Growing with Yelp Indy

A woman's harvest in life depends entirely upon what he sows.  In celebration of International Women's Day... I honor the boss Ladies in my life.  The women of my tribe, the keepers of the hearth and in particular those who sow seeds of victory gardens. Moving to phase two in the #SowSeedSunday project...  Our full… Continue reading Growing with Yelp Indy

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The Frugal: After Christmas

The stovetop potpourri made of orange, cranberry and clove lingers in the air and is a simple reminder that frugal can be made at home, rather then being lured with Christmas Clearance shopping.    Changing habit of after Christmas shopping is no longer a tradition at my house. So, here is my story of the moon room.... Instead of… Continue reading The Frugal: After Christmas

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Habits of a Frugal Pantry

Here are some core principals to save money and create habits of that will save money while stocking your pantry. Grow your herbs: Thyme and heirloom savory providing a bounty of fresh flavor all year long.  It is an essential in the permaculture patch or home kitchen garden 2.  Learn how to can and then "conserve"… Continue reading Habits of a Frugal Pantry

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Frump Free Fashion for a Frugal Fall

By all means shop your closet first, hem those jackets that are a little too long and read Rachel Lee Carter's Book Fashioned by Faith a terrific way to uncover your truth about Frump Free Fashion. Rachel brings her experience from the fashion world to offer creative and practical suggestions that combine modesty and a great look.

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Curing Affluence: 7 Habits of Frugal

Habit 1:  We eat dried beans Habit 2:  We shop for clothing off season and at stores with black out labels or cut out tags. Habit 3:  We shop for food in season, buy in bulk and then dehydrate, can and freeze Habit 4:  We wash our modes of transportation with a bucket and sponge Habit 5:  We… Continue reading Curing Affluence: 7 Habits of Frugal

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Longing for a food forest? 

Borage is blooming as the white peaches bend the branches and summer blows into Indiana.  The haze of Summer is upon us and the long days and extra hours of light make it possible to squeeze the harvest while sowing seed and collecting seed.  Here is a picture of season one.   Taking the long… Continue reading Longing for a food forest? 

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Potash permaculture

As if the woodash from the burn pile was the parmesan cheese, I sprinkled the eighth layer onto the raised bed. My citywife muscles scream from moving earth, peat moss and mulch for the new gardens, it is a welcome relief to write and think. Bucket by bucket the beds were built from last falls oak leaves, old… Continue reading Potash permaculture