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Cara fully prepare: the Pink Prepper Purse

Preparing prevents panic ...   Manicure kits, sewing kits, first aid and stain removers top my list of must haves.  Simple tools like zip ties, clips and twine might just say you time and a trip to the hardware store.  First aid supplies like moleskin for blisters and a single use wet wipe can make… Continue reading Cara fully prepare: the Pink Prepper Purse

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Fall/Winter UrBIN travel kit

Whether you are getting ready for the big game in the parking lot or just want to be road worthy for severe weather, these are my must haves for my Fall/Winter UrBIN kit: 30 hour candle Duct Tape Ear Plugs Thermacare body wrap Toasty Toes foot Insole Trash Bag Hot Hands Hand warmer Hot Cans Cocoa a… Continue reading Fall/Winter UrBIN travel kit

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Tailgating is a gateway to thoughtful prepping: 10 must haves

Getting ready for the big game or a natural disaster is on the top of my list.  I enjoy planned spontaneity, so in preparation for that tailgate here are my 10 items for the cookoff before the kickoff that can prepare your household for an emergency situation. 1.  A propane slow cooker to keep the soup or chili warm while off the grid  or… Continue reading Tailgating is a gateway to thoughtful prepping: 10 must haves

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Potash permaculture

As if the woodash from the burn pile was the parmesan cheese, I sprinkled the eighth layer onto the raised bed. My citywife muscles scream from moving earth, peat moss and mulch for the new gardens, it is a welcome relief to write and think. Bucket by bucket the beds were built from last falls oak leaves, old… Continue reading Potash permaculture