Distributed by Market Wagon


Simple Soups in a Sack


Local Food, Delivered.  A farmers market with online ordering of local farm raised food delivered direct to consumers.  From the grocery aisles to the industrial farms that fill them, the business of food is on the brink of soullessness- dehumanized by the reduction of our food that erodes the relationship between the consumers and farmers, as well as the farmers and the earth.

Market Wagon’s operations began in 2016 and has been support our efforts to bring our farm to market approach to our customers.

4 thoughts on “Distributed by Market Wagon

  1. Good morning! Just got your Fajita mix started in my crock pot. I added chopped sweet potatoe, green pepper, onion and black beans! Looking forward to tasting the results! Also, Thanks for the comp apple when I purchased the mixes. I added it to my cream of rice for breakfast . Also delicious!


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