Distributed by www.GreenBeanDelivery.com

Our Retailers:

Artisano’s,  Basic Roots Community Food, Country Nutrition of Indiana,   Georgetown Market,  Homespun: Modern Homemade,  Indiana State Fair:  Hoosier Market, Made on Mass (Lawrence, KS),  Moody Meats; Avon, Zionsville,  Pogue’s Run Grocer, R2Go,  Trail Hobo (Nashville, IN)  The Real Food Shoppee (Plainfield),  Wildwood Market.

Simple Soups in a Sack

4 thoughts on “Distributed by www.GreenBeanDelivery.com

  1. Good morning! Just got your Fajita mix started in my crock pot. I added chopped sweet potatoe, green pepper, onion and black beans! Looking forward to tasting the results! Also, Thanks for the comp apple when I purchased the mixes. I added it to my cream of rice for breakfast . Also delicious!


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