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Cara fully: Hardening the Garden

Blankets, cover houses and used sun visors are all implement to keep the frost at bay when growing in the early spring of Indiana.  While we are beyond the hard freeze, a frost is looming which means the plants go inside and outside on the tiny urban farm. I don't take many risks with these… Continue reading Cara fully: Hardening the Garden

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Knee high socks: Frump Free Fashion over forty

Darn, I am not going to spend any time mending socks today!  So instead, of leaving the house I shopped on line for knee high socks.  This frugal update cost $50.00 and added neutral navy and spring time green knee high sock for my feet.  Half of my expenditure was on Foot Logix a mousse to prepare those… Continue reading Knee high socks: Frump Free Fashion over forty

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Cara Fully prepared: Between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.

There is a frost alert and potential freeze coming to our #tinyurbanfarm.  This requires more time away from City Market so I can grow food for you. We are also in phase two of the #SowSeedSunday Hydroponic growing cycle and that means from water to soil peat pots and more space before we begin real work… Continue reading Cara Fully prepared: Between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.

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Cara fully prepared: Frugal Gardening

With little toil in the soil... permaculture farming is a frugal alternative to annuals.  Plants like lavender, savory, thyme and sage are used throughout the year. Start with a plan and select your seeds... Direct sow starts in Zone (Central Indiana)  on Saint Patrick's Day for the With a little luck Children's Scavenger Hunt on Friday, March… Continue reading Cara fully prepared: Frugal Gardening

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Mid Winter: Frump Free Fashion over Forty

In my attempt to find designers who make pockets for women's apparel.  Ladies over forty, I give you the one pocket sheath dress by "Hope and Honey".  Disclaimer:  If you are not over forty then the value of a pocket might not be so apparent to you.  A lady would have a kerchief for the tears of joy during… Continue reading Mid Winter: Frump Free Fashion over Forty

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Apothecara: Thyme to relax

On a damp January day, the smell of lavender and calendula fills my home.  Ready to reclaim the mason jars, I was determined to fill the sachets with my home grown lavender and calendula. Recipe: 2 Tablespoons of Epsom Salt 1 Tablespoon Lavender Blossom 1 Tablespoon Calendula Keep the tub clean and use linen drawstring sachets  

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Frugal: If you knew you couldn’t fail

I believe that I am oriented to an end result.  When it comes to frugality, I make investments and not purchases.  My trial and efforts have lead me to these three tips in being frugal. Tip one:  Count your receipts ...  a spreadsheet of monthly or weekly receipt counts have decreased consumption.  Because of my… Continue reading Frugal: If you knew you couldn’t fail

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Apres Ski: The Bunny Slope Edition of Frumpy Free Frugal Fashion over Forty

In my effort to add more tactical pants to my wardrobe, I have discovered the fashion of Apres Ski.  Sweaters, faux fur and feather snowflakes are the star of the show. Staying in a budget of $30 for this frugal yet fashionable look.   The persimmons say there will be snow to shovel and I… Continue reading Apres Ski: The Bunny Slope Edition of Frumpy Free Frugal Fashion over Forty

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Apothecara: Sage Salve

Apothecara: Laundry Room Wildcrafting A step by step on how to use the crockpot for a non edible but topical balm for your skin.  Below is a checklist of materials to maximize your money with the use of the slow cooker. You got this gear, now get the laundry room ready for some wildcrafting. A… Continue reading Apothecara: Sage Salve