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Garlic grows in the Winter Rows

In my never ending quest to take farm food to market... I have begun the March to germinate the 100 new plants for U-Relish Farm.  Beginning on Super Sow Seed Sunday and now in phase two. It is a mild winter in Indiana so the cilantro sown last September is surging outside. Inside it is… Continue reading Garlic grows in the Winter Rows

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Sorting the Seeds of Sunday

Garlic is in the ground as I begin to plan for the 2017 farming. Collecting seed from last years harvest, purchasing some new like Feverfew seeds all in anticipation of the first direct sow of snow peas on Saint Patrick's Day or March 17th. I collect seeds like playing cards with the common theme in… Continue reading Sorting the Seeds of Sunday

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The future of frugal: permaculture

The scent of lavender lingers in the air and dances in my dreams.  Using Lavender from your backyard is the future of frugal.  Grown close to doorway, lavender is a pest deterrent and a natural mosquito repellent, my neighbor uses the herb to freshen her carpets, some use it in the bath tub, but my lavender… Continue reading The future of frugal: permaculture

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Packing with Permaculture

Bugging out for the day?  Is your vehicle ready for what is to come.... SUMMER!  Think of your home as if you are preparing for a parade, swim at the lake, quick day trip to a municipal or state park. There are lots of adventures that are low cost. can help you plan your adventure. Perhaps your getting for the… Continue reading Packing with Permaculture

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The Permaculture of Christmas in July

It is the most wonderful time of the year...  Christmas in July.  Searching for Santa's magic key... I believe the answer is in Chocolate mint for Christmas Tea.  Kris Kringle is going to find a tummy tamer when coming down the chimney at U-Relish Farm, because ice cold cup of tisane is going be a refreshing delight… Continue reading The Permaculture of Christmas in July

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Potash permaculture

As if the woodash from the burn pile was the parmesan cheese, I sprinkled the eighth layer onto the raised bed. My citywife muscles scream from moving earth, peat moss and mulch for the new gardens, it is a welcome relief to write and think. Bucket by bucket the beds were built from last falls oak leaves, old… Continue reading Potash permaculture

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What is slow cooking in your crockpot?

In this world in hurry up and go.... let's take a pause to think without farms there is no food. U-Relish Farm's mission is to help families and individuals maximize their resources with the use of the slow cooker.  This is the platform of the case study to take the garden to market. So stock that… Continue reading What is slow cooking in your crockpot?

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How does your Permaculture grow: Calendula

Quietly this self seeder is a perfect choice to begin our discussion of the plethora of permaculture that can be layered into your food forest or edible landscaped homestead. Calendula officinalis commonly known as calendula, pot marigold, or English marigold and it is categorized as multi-purpose: as a pest deterrent, skin salve and foot soak or sugar scrub. Some use… Continue reading How does your Permaculture grow: Calendula