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Growing with Yelp Indy

A woman's harvest in life depends entirely upon what he sows.  In celebration of International Women's Day... I honor the boss Ladies in my life.  The women of my tribe, the keepers of the hearth and in particular those who sow seeds of victory gardens. Moving to phase two in the #SowSeedSunday project...  Our full… Continue reading Growing with Yelp Indy

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Garlic grows in the Winter Rows

In my never ending quest to take farm food to market... I have begun the March to germinate the 100 new plants for U-Relish Farm.  Beginning on Super Sow Seed Sunday and now in phase two. It is a mild winter in Indiana so the cilantro sown last September is surging outside. Inside it is… Continue reading Garlic grows in the Winter Rows

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Cara fully Prepared: Medic Table

With winter lingers here, I am thinking about a medic table for 2017.  I upgrade to a table from a mobile medical kit.   When working with permaculture, and outdoor medic table will be ideal to accommodate emergencies without house disruption. The bright and cheerful colors will be a feature during the "You are one in a melon" season… Continue reading Cara fully Prepared: Medic Table

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Market Gras: U-Relish Pinto Gumbo

Available through  Hoosier Style with Sweet corn, tomato and Pinto beans with ample amounts of Gumbo file balance with the jalapeno pepper.   Red Beans and rice is so nice in the slow cooker.  This smoky not spicy flavor gives a Midwestern twist to the dish.  Also available at is Smoked Cajun lentils.

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Apothecara: Thyme to relax

On a damp January day, the smell of lavender and calendula fills my home.  Ready to reclaim the mason jars, I was determined to fill the sachets with my home grown lavender and calendula. Recipe: 2 Tablespoons of Epsom Salt 1 Tablespoon Lavender Blossom 1 Tablespoon Calendula Keep the tub clean and use linen drawstring sachets  

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Sorting the Seeds of Sunday

Garlic is in the ground as I begin to plan for the 2017 farming. Collecting seed from last years harvest, purchasing some new like Feverfew seeds all in anticipation of the first direct sow of snow peas on Saint Patrick's Day or March 17th. I collect seeds like playing cards with the common theme in… Continue reading Sorting the Seeds of Sunday

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Apothecara: Sage Salve

Apothecara: Laundry Room Wildcrafting A step by step on how to use the crockpot for a non edible but topical balm for your skin.  Below is a checklist of materials to maximize your money with the use of the slow cooker. You got this gear, now get the laundry room ready for some wildcrafting. A… Continue reading Apothecara: Sage Salve

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Cara fully prepare: Beans and Band aids

I make it a habit to be prepared with gauze, swabs and surgical dressing.  I make herbal infusions, tinctures and salves using our agricultural commodities from U-Relish Farm.  My favorite item is the mason jar of salve with Arnica petal, clove and calendula petals.  This smooth balm saturates the skin with olive oil and protects with Bees Wax.… Continue reading Cara fully prepare: Beans and Band aids

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Apothecara: Pinch of Wisdom

  A Pinch of Wisdom from INDIANAPOLIS CITY MARKET U-Relish Farm shares timeless traditions   Indianapolis –  Featured in the September issue of the Indianapolis Monthly, Cara Dafforn, Executive Manager will offer wisdom to master the household economy.  This keeper of the hearth,  draws upon her study of the civil war as a Living Historian… Continue reading Apothecara: Pinch of Wisdom