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Cara fully prepared: Bonfire Sachets

In preparation for memorial day, I have prepared the fire starters for those marshmallow roasting, chocolate melting moments around the Bonfire. I have chosen a two level 19 inch TRUPER tool box for the Bonfire.  I always pack tin foil, it serves as the protection and acts like the paper towel of the kitchen catching the drippings of Marshmallows… Continue reading Cara fully prepared: Bonfire Sachets

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Cara fully prepared: Box not Basket

The basket has long term flaws to my approach to preparing for spring.  A basket is difficult to clean because of the woven nature of construction.  A basket can not be covered or secured for long term storage.  But a tool box ... c I have favored large mobile stations for first aid storage but this… Continue reading Cara fully prepared: Box not Basket

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Cara fully: Hardening the Garden

Blankets, cover houses and used sun visors are all implement to keep the frost at bay when growing in the early spring of Indiana.  While we are beyond the hard freeze, a frost is looming which means the plants go inside and outside on the tiny urban farm. I don't take many risks with these… Continue reading Cara fully: Hardening the Garden

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Growing with Yelp Indy

A woman's harvest in life depends entirely upon what he sows.  In celebration of International Women's Day... I honor the boss Ladies in my life.  The women of my tribe, the keepers of the hearth and in particular those who sow seeds of victory gardens. Moving to phase two in the #SowSeedSunday project...  Our full… Continue reading Growing with Yelp Indy

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Garlic grows in the Winter Rows

In my never ending quest to take farm food to market... I have begun the March to germinate the 100 new plants for U-Relish Farm.  Beginning on Super Sow Seed Sunday and now in phase two. It is a mild winter in Indiana so the cilantro sown last September is surging outside. Inside it is… Continue reading Garlic grows in the Winter Rows

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Cara fully prepare: Snow Day

You must have a list....  Things you get from the store when you might be snowed inside.  The necessities and the luxuries to make the experience tolerable or one of those special quality moments more memorable.  Here are my must have items:  Slow cooked meals: Dry Goods from U-Relish Farm2.Citrus: the Cara Cara Orange is in… Continue reading Cara fully prepare: Snow Day