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Habits of a Frugal Pantry

Here are some core principals to save money and create habits of that will save money while stocking your pantry. Grow your herbs: Thyme and heirloom savory providing a bounty of fresh flavor all year long.  It is an essential in the permaculture patch or home kitchen garden 2.  Learn how to can and then "conserve"… Continue reading Habits of a Frugal Pantry

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Because the big game is in the parking lot

Whether you play bean bag toss or cornhole, Sunday is sacred a day to gather together with those that you hold dear. It is Saturday night and your Sunday is going to be in a parking lot filled with a wasteland of junk food and a blight of nutrition. Make your game day decision to nourish… Continue reading Because the big game is in the parking lot

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The future of frugal: permaculture

The scent of lavender lingers in the air and dances in my dreams.  Using Lavender from your backyard is the future of frugal.  Grown close to doorway, lavender is a pest deterrent and a natural mosquito repellent, my neighbor uses the herb to freshen her carpets, some use it in the bath tub, but my lavender… Continue reading The future of frugal: permaculture

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Camp Glamp

Reconnect to the magic of the outdoors with all of the comfort and glamour of camping.  While not a proponent of sleeping in a hammock in the backyard, if you must sleep on the ground in a tent, then give yourself the gift of a low tech air conditioner. has a no sweat solution to help with your… Continue reading Camp Glamp

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Curing Affluenza: Your Occupation 

The cure to affluenza is to engage in service that you would continue if you had an unexpected windfall.  Ask yourself if you would continue to perform the same work if you won the lottery or came into inheritance. I believe that work is essential so let’s spread it around, make telecommuting the normal and… Continue reading Curing Affluenza: Your Occupation 

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Curing Affluenza:  Adding more Thyme

Where did all the time go? Take a time inventory to track how much time you spend on varies activities. Awareness is likely to lead you to make positive changes.  The cure to affluenza is restraint.   Acknowledge that time is your greatest asset and that your activities reflect your quality of life.  Voluntary simplicity means… Continue reading Curing Affluenza:  Adding more Thyme