Snail of Approval Awardee

Snail of Approval 004 Snail of Approval 001

Good Clean Fair

U-Relish Farm is pleased to accept the Snail of Approval from Indy Slow Food for 2015-2018.  As part of an international movement founded by Carlo Patrini in 1986.  Our goal of sustainable foods and the promotion of local small business are paralleled by a political agenda directed against globalization of agricultural products.

Conviviality is central to our mission.  U-Relish Farm is dedicated to maximizing resources of families and individuals through the use of the slow cooker.

Our hope is that we become a catalyst for change by sharing the joy of slow food and prioritizing wholesome living over convenience.  Ready Set Grow with us @CaraDafforn and follow our #SowSeedSunday efforts to integrate food production into our weekly regimen.

U-Relish FarmIMG_3500Historic City Market

Sow Seed Sunday 004

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