Shipping is available through Fed Ex in a Mixed Case, 12 soups in a sack, or a Preppers Paradise, 16 soups in a sack. Continental United States orders only please.




5 thoughts on “SHOP

  1. I met you at the Farmers Market I bought 3 sacks of your soups. 1 of them was the great northern beans. My family loved the flavor with all the herbs you added.

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  2. Hi Cara, It was so nice seeing you again Sept /Oct 2015. I enjoy visiting /talking with you. Thank so much for making the special red lentil mix. I haven’t tried it yet but I have tried several others.
    Beaucoup Crasseux Red & Rice – really liked the combination. I did add Chorizo.
    Chef Whit Lemongrass – I used Pork lion the lemongrass cinnamon and ginger I Really liked.
    Orange N Currant Split Pea Soup – my favorite that’s why I purchased 4 more this time already made since I been home.
    Sweet Corn White Bean – made tonight very tasty blended. I think this is my favorite also along with the Split Pea.
    Have a few more new ones to try. Glad it’s getting cold here in California I love soups. Take care and keep making new packages. After I make a few more will post again. I will enjoy the rest I purchased. Ida


    1. Thank you Ida! Today I made a butternut squash for the Bicentennial celebration of Indiana. It has special significance to history as in July of 1863, Indiana was raided by General John Hunt Morgan and thought he would meet “Butternuts” or sympathizers to the confederate cause. But as history reflects he met the Hoosier National Guard and was driven out of the State of Indiana in 3 days only to be caught in Ohio where he was scrubbed with a horse brush and was stripped of his beard. So glad you enjoy my soup. All the best with your endeavors, Cara

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