Rooted in tradition

Specializing in local, all natural, preservative free food one step meals, this Indiana Original company and product are rooted in the tradition of Dutch oven cooking. During the civil war, “a supper was served at four o’clock in the afternoon, a good plain, and substantial meal, with nothing fanciful” according to Goedy’s Magazine, dated 1863.

Re-enactors_2014_028 (2)


Cara Dafforn, owner of U-Relish Farm takes Civil War history very seriously and couples her food passion with membership in MidStates Living History Association performing at venues like Conner Prairie, Indiana State Fair: Culinary Corner, Lew Wallace Study & Museum and Study as well as the Columbia Club where she serves up supper to the troops.

What are the tradition of dutch oven cooking?

Small batch preparations

Hand packed

Nutrient Dense

Low Glycemic

No Gluten

Improved quality, taste and aroma

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4 thoughts on “Rooted in tradition

    1. The Calorie Content is 130 Calories per serving to 220. What item do you have in mind? These are all low glycemic index food and they are 8 oz servings. They are vegan and gluten free. If you have an e-mail address I can send more specific information. Thanks U-Relish Farm


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