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Cara fully Prepare: First Aid

A recent spider sting reminded me of the fragility of the human body and without the necessary supplies we are vulnerable to what is available at the closest drug store.  Permaculture can give us tinctures, salves and balms but not a viable solution for equipment and sterile bandages.  I chose a Delsey Titanium Hardcase with spinner wheels for our mobile medic tool box.

Delsey Titanium Hardcase 005

The Delsey hard case luggage has and expandable option that I did not employ.  It does have a TSA lock and a zipper to handle an external luggage lock.

Delsey Titanium Hardcase 002

An internal pocket on the left side was a great location for solar blankets.  Now the mobile medic kit has an sting extractor inside the yellow box.

Delsey Titanium Hardcase 003

Sterile dressings, tape and latex gloves fill the left side.

Delsey Titanium Hardcase 001

A common injury is often a foot blister and the pocket medic offers moleskin and a splinter extractor. Don’t forget about the nose, ears and mouth a simple otoscope are great at home tools but do not substitute for a physicians diagnosis capabilities.  I particularly appreciate the visual references provided on the box of the otoscope.

What is in your medic kit?





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