Rose Gold Summer: Frump Free Fashion over Forty

Cooper is for Winter and Rose Gold is for long hot evenings.  Not to be confused with blush or pink, rose gold has a shimmer and the patina of Summer.  Disclaimer:  For those under forty who might not understand that dancing under the stars of the summer moon might require an underskirt to lengthen the look while providing a cinch of support.

Like the rosy gold cheeks of  Mrs. Claus touched with the natural bronzer of the sun.  Rose Gold trims new luggage that holds Christmas in July gifts and Summer Cheer.

The fashion season is just more merry with progressive parties on the rooftops and happy hours before sunsets.  For those less formal affairs a of shorts from Lauren Conrad, AKA the champion of rose gold, looks great with some bangles of bling.

As, I shop for clearance winter coats and make alterations for fall, may the stars kiss you with the sparkle of a rose gold summer.

Rose Gold 006









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