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SUPER Sow Seed Sunday at U-Relish Farm

Here we grow.  This winter has been full of amendments to the no toil in the soil urban farm with food waste being layered on top of my soil and a beta proprogation method picture above.  The garlic lays dormant under a used sun visor.

Garlic Rows 001

While others watch the big game, I begin a new season of germinating a tiny urban farm.  My 12 weeks begins like it always has with Parsley with the small seed of hope that requires 10 to 14 days to grow and this year I have select a summer leek to start from seed.  The leek seed looks like a small speck of coal…. I choose the Annie’s Heirloom Organic variety called the American Flag!  For what it is worth, I stood to start those seeds during the National Anthem.

Grow Sunday 001

50 seeds with a 70% germination rate anticipated.  Having some faith and optimism that I will have a harvest in 130 days… or just over 4 months away, right around 4th of July.




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