White Summer: Frugal Frump Free Fashion over Forty

Texture is the signature phrase for my a summer white wardrobe capsule.  To make the most of this season of long days and blue skies, I added 3 new pieces for $30.00. Disclaimer:  Those fashionistas under forty might be confused that there are no name brands.   For those over forty it is a great time to buy white summer items on clearance items before the stores bring in fall fashions.

This simple white sheath dress with a diamond texture paired with a scarf or jacket gives me a inexpensive ($12.00) after work look.


So you forgot to shave your legs… you need white pants.  My second white summer acquisition cost $10.00.  When you are over forty you know that they are only meant for a season and they will get a stain, while a requirement of my wardrobe capsule, I do not spend a day’s labor for this temporary staple.  I have plenty of blouses that can pair with white paints but I was focused on textured layers on the waistline.


My final acquisition is very feminine moves for a walk in the park or a Sunday afternoon picnic. The red makes a nod to my search for fall red fashion.  The empire waist line is very flattering and the cap sleeve touches the shoulder softly.

White of Summer 005

The tailgate clothing is replacing the short sleeves of summer soon.  Taking stock of my fall wardrobe and tackling my purchase so that they are frugal and frump free.  #Nopajamapants









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