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Frump Free Fashion for a Frugal Fall

Warning if you are under forty… frankly you are not worried about frumpy or perhaps even frugal.  This blog is for the keepers of the hearth who boil the water every morning and stir the mix into the crockpot to feed, nourish and sustain.  Those who wish to maximize their resources with the use of the slow cooker.  This short summary of tips for fashion are for those who put on clothes for work in the outdoor gardens, and don’t mind getting their hands dirty or walking barefoot through the grass.  I can be frumpy, but I am also frugal and here are my tips for 2015 Fall Fashion.

Frump Free Fashion

The color of the season is Marsala a raisin, plum wine color that was not yet in my closet but looks great paired with the pinks and whites of fall.

FringeFall Fashion 006

The most affordable way to add the Marsala color to your wardrobe is to see what you already have but accessories like a new tote or a self embellished hat make nice additions to your existing Fall fashion. Don’t want to go to the expense of a purse, try a wristlet for those evening outings. Scarves are an affordable way to get the color of the season.

Fall Fashion 010 Marsala Scarves

Ladies, I appeal to you and your  hard working feet. I am asking you to clean out any cardboard shoes, heel blister makers and down right smelly shoes that you know you have in your collection.  Get something sturdy before fall comes.

Foot Fashion

These boots have the fringe to echo the purse, faux fur and the signature fall color Marsala.  Because I have purchased them off season they are more affordable.

Fall Fashion 005

Update your little black dress with a clearance summer blouse that is sheer, graphic and modern while modest for those family gatherings.  I have chosen a Hematite Tassel Necklaces to keep the fringe theme coordinated.

Hematite Tassel Long Chain

By all means shop your closet first, hem those jackets that are a little too long and read Rachel Lee Carter’s Book Fashioned by Faith a terrific way to uncover your truth about Frump Free Fashion.  Rachel brings her experience from the fashion world to offer creative and practical suggestions that combine modesty and a great look.

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