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Cara fully prepared: A Taekwondo Easter

Preparing for some charity work on Easter Sunday.  We are also preparing for Master Thero's Black Belt Club and Kung Fu Seminar on Good Friday and the following Saturday Seminar at Level 10 martials arts. During the Lenten Season, I have trained and been promoted to purple belt.  My discipline has been to add Dr. Sang Kim's flexibility over… Continue reading Cara fully prepared: A Taekwondo Easter

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Cara fully prepare: Snow Day

You must have a list....  Things you get from the store when you might be snowed inside.  The necessities and the luxuries to make the experience tolerable or one of those special quality moments more memorable.  Here are my must have items:  Slow cooked meals: Dry Goods from U-Relish Farm2.Citrus: the Cara Cara Orange is in… Continue reading Cara fully prepare: Snow Day

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Market Gras: U-Relish Pinto Gumbo

Available through  Hoosier Style with Sweet corn, tomato and Pinto beans with ample amounts of Gumbo file balance with the jalapeno pepper.   Red Beans and rice is so nice in the slow cooker.  This smoky not spicy flavor gives a Midwestern twist to the dish.  Also available at is Smoked Cajun lentils.

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Apothecara: Sage Salve

Apothecara: Laundry Room Wildcrafting A step by step on how to use the crockpot for a non edible but topical balm for your skin.  Below is a checklist of materials to maximize your money with the use of the slow cooker. You got this gear, now get the laundry room ready for some wildcrafting. A… Continue reading Apothecara: Sage Salve

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With a Little Luck a Free Children’s Scavenger Hunt

U-Relish Farm  is partnering with the Indianapolis City Market to host the Search for the Shamrocks on Thursday, March 17th to celebrate the planting of Peas.  In addition to the Name the Bear in the Chair game hosted by SIDESHOW the smallest art gallery in the universe. INDIANAPOLIS CITY MARKET–. U-Relish Farm presents SAINT PATRICK’S DAY, Tuesday,… Continue reading With a Little Luck a Free Children’s Scavenger Hunt